Next Generation of Air Cleaning

The Sharper Image markets the Quadra air purifier. This air purifier is designed as the “next generation of air cleaning” by Ionic Breeze. The Quadra purifiers stand upright and are in stick form. The Ionic Breeze Quadra purifier does filter the air using electrostatic collectors, but does not add additional humidification to dry air. This Quadra air purifier is portable and filterless. Allergy relief and the reduction of the symptoms associated with asthma are a by-product of its ability to clean the air.
The Ionic Breeze Quadra purifier offers benefits in the home. It is about 28 inches tall, a stick shape, and takes up a small space. The Quadra can clean the air in an area of about 500 square feet. Because of it’s unique shape, it can this unobtrusively from a corner. The marketing company says that this newest model added to the Ionic Breeze family is the only air filtration system that is completely silent. Because of this feature, it is a great addition to any room, including the bedroom because it won’t disturb sleep. Ionic Breeze says that the cleaner air can actually help people sleep better. It is highly portable because of its small size. This Quadra filter can be taken on trips and moved from room to room as needed. This model will not distract fellow workers or employees so it is ideal in an office setting. Only 15 watts of electricity are needed to operate this filter, so, it is quite energy efficient and capable of saving the consumer money for electric bills as compared to other purifiers.

The Ionic Breeze Quadra purifier has a collection grid that uses electrostatic energy to capture and hold air born particles, so it is filterless. As an ionizer, it is meant to restore ionic balance to the air. A variety of particulates are trapped by the Quadra including dander, pollen, dust, and dead skin. Also, this filter can trap odors and smoke, while providing an absolutely high level of air cleaning. The health benefits of more breathable, cleaner air include a reduction in asthma attacks, allergy relief, and fewer eye irritants, as the injurious particles are removed from the air. Given all the benefits, try a Quadra air purifier to remove the impurities from the air with easy silence.