How To Use The Ionic Breeze Quadra

The Ionic Breeze Quadra is one of the best and most effective purifiers that you will be able to use inside of your home or office. This is able to remove twice as many impurities from the air and make it cleaner than anything else. It is also one of the more expensive units that you can get your hands on. That is why it is important to understand just how it should be used.

Usage Directions

  • The first thing that you are going to have to do is place this air purifier on an even surface in the room you wish to use it in. It should be at least one foot away from the wall and plugged into an outlet nearby. This is important because you never want it to fall over.
  • Press the ’Control’ button on the top of the machine to the on position.
  • When that is done you will need to continue to press it in order to set it to the appropriate setting for your home or office. The choices are ‘High’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Low’. The only thing after that is going to be ‘Off’. When you have chosen the level you wish to have it at a green light will go off and the purifier will turn itself on.


In order for the unit to remain in good use and to keep you from having to replace it every few months you have to remember to empty or clean the filter off. This should be done on a weekly basis to begin with. You will be amazed by the amount of impurities it has removed and just how dirty it has become. After a few months you should not have to worry about it as much as long as you are using it on a continual basis.

Cleaning should be done every two weeks to keep the unit from shutting itself down and breaking. It is not hard to learn how to clean the Ionic Breeze Quadra. Just follow the instructions and the machine will be working great for many years to come.