How To Clean The Ionic Breeze Quadra

The Ionic Breeze Quadra is one of the best purifiers that you can find on the market. They are quite expensive because of the electrostatic technology that they use. This helps it to catch the allergens, pollutants, and other impurities that are in the air that you breathe and help you to fight off symptoms of allergies, colds, and other respiratory problems.

  • In order to keep this running smoothly you must understand the best way to maintain it. Cleaning it at least once a week is an important thing to do. Many people will automatically assume what needs to be done without looking at the instructions. Doing this is dangerous because you could break an important part or damage it in some way.
  • The first thing you must do is to turn the unit off and unplug it from the wall. This will prevent you from being electrocuted and burning out the machine.
  • Now remove the metal air filter plates. Look at your manufacturer manual to see exactly how this should be done. There should be a mechanism that will remove the filter easily clearly marked on the unit.
  • Rinse off the filter plates with warm water. This should help the debris to come right off. Any excess can be removed with a paper towel or soft sponge.
  • Dry the plates completely using a lint free cloth. It is best to lay them down and have them to air dry for a few hours. Wet plates could cause mold to grow and damage the air further.
  • When they are dry you will place the plates back inside. Now you will focus on cleaning the ionizing wires inside of the unit. Most units will comes with a mechanism that you can slide up and down. This will gently brush off any debris from the wires. Do this every two weeks.
  • Plug the unit back into the wall and turn it on.